It would appear Indiana’s lifetime gun permits are in demand, now that they’re free.

The Indiana State Police firearms licensing website experienced a “high number” of applicants that stopped many in their tracks as they attempted to apply for a lifetime gun permit Thursday.

On July 1, the lifetime license to carry a handgun became free.

When applicants visited the website, some were met with a message: “We’re sorry…”

“Due to a high number of current applicants, we must limit the number of individuals applying at one time. Please try again later.”

Many, though, we successfully able to apply for the free permits. Indiana State Police told WANE 15 that 7,054 lifetime permit applications were submitted Thursday.

If you’re still having trouble applying for a free lifetime gun permit, state police said in a statement Thursday to just be patient.

“Today is the first day where Indiana Hoosiers can now go online and apply for a free lifetime permit to carry a handgun. As expected, the Indiana State Police is receiving a large influx of applications being submitted on this first day. With the increased number of applications that are being submitted, the Indiana State Police is asking for the public’s patience and understanding, as we diligently continue to work through such a large quantity of applications.”