FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – As Indiana lawmakers etch closer to the final decision on whether they will pass legislation that expands private school vouchers, private and public education advocates speak out arguing both sides.

Private school advocates are for the legislation because it will provide enhanced financial aid for current and prospective students alike. Jenny Andorfer, Director of Admissions at Bishop Luers High School, argues that the money used to fund a public school student would follow that student if they switched to private school, “It is true that the public school will no longer receive money to educate, that child, but they shouldn’t, because that child is not in their school.”

Student funding, provided by the state, is the very reason why public school advocates are against the bills. Dr. Phil Downs, Superintendent of Southwest Allen County Schools, is concerned that the vouchers will take money away from an already limited funded pool of education, “If you’re going to fund the education of all the students in the state of Indiana great, but fund it, and they haven’t. Plain and simple, basic math, it’s a fact.” A passion project of Dr. Downs, the math he refers to is the data he has collected over the years on state funding of education in Indiana.

The main argument that is for and against the legislation boils down to one thing: how Indiana lawmakers plan to fund all its students. Ultimately, what both sides really want is properly funded and supported students for the good of the future of the state.