INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) We are just days away from the end of 2017. Thursday, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb sat down with Statehouse Bureau Chief David Williams to talk about some of this year’s hot topics.

We asked the Governor if CBD oil is legal and if Hoosiers can buy it in stores.

“Yes,” Governor Holcomb said, “and they will continue to be able to.”

Last month, Indiana’s Attorney General said cannabis-derived CBD oil is illegal, except for patients of treatment-resistant epilepsy.

“I want to make it clear we said over the next 60 days that we would be in education mode and making sure that people know who would be buying or selling that CBD oil is legal in the state of Indiana with no THC content and will continue to be,” Governor Holcomb said.

The conversation shifted to the controversial medical marijuana debate. We asked if it be on the ballot, and if he would you sign it into law.

“I’m not there,” Holcomb said. “I think the folks that would support that would be best served if they could get the support of the FDA. The FDA is the entity that approves drugs to improve our health. They have not.”

On its website, the Food and Drug Administration said it does not object to the clinical investigation of marijuana for medical use.

Holcomb added: “I’m not against studying the positive effects that may come from it. But I’m not supportive of this hodgepodge, state-by-state cash business that has a ripple effect into society at large.”

State Representative Jim Lucas, a Republican from Seymour, is working on medical marijuana legislation. Indiana’s Association of Prosecuting Attorneys is strongly opposed to marijuana in any form.

“In terms of medical or recreational, I am not for legalizing or decriminalizing,” said Holcomb. “The folks that are just only focused on the medical benefits that may come from it , let’s convince the FDA to make this not just a cash business and a state-by-state hodgepodge.”

The governor said the General Assembly will have the opportunity to look over existing CBD oil laws, as well as labeling requirements.