Indiana cyber industry draws worldwide attention


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Hundreds of tech leaders, business owners and government leaders from around the Midwest and the world are visiting the city Wednesday and Thursday for this year’s Cybertech Midwest conference.

One of the focuses is cybersecurity.

“Cybersecurity affects you if you’re touching anything digital,” said Chetrice Mosley, the cybersecurity program director for Indiana.

Cyber attacks can come from anywhere.

“We must start having these cyber alliances around the world because cyber criminals are not local usually,” said Nadav Zafrir, the CEO of Team 8, which has headquarters in New York and Israel.

The conference was designed to help learn where Indiana and the region stand in regards to cybersecurity and how to outsmart the hackers.

“Really, teaching people who want to know more about cybersecurity to better protect themselves and better connect them with people who want to help them do that.” Mosley said.

Ron Pelletier, who founded the Indianapolis-based cybersecurity firm Pondurance, said defending against cyberattacks isn’t easy.

“That means as new technologies step up, you now have bad actors that are selling technology to other actors that are going to then incite the attack. So, it’s a multiprong offense.” Pelletier said.

Indiana’s cyber industries command international attention from as far as away as Canada and Israel.

“The Israeli industry wants to be here. So, we’re here to accelerate their business here,” said Yaara Sabzerou, manager of the cybersecurity unit of the Israel Export Institute.

So, how can you help keep you and your family digitally protected?
Pelletier said:

  • Make sure you know what network you’re connecting to.
  • Have strong passwords and change them often.
  • Think about layers of protection or multifactor authentication.

“For instance, something that you are, a biometric. An eye scan, a thumbprint or something that you have which might be a randomly ‘generized’ token that you use in conjunction with the password to be able to establish that it’s you,” Pelletier said.

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