INDIANAPOLIS, Ind, (WANE) — The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is looking for a new Faculty Commission Member. The position is open to any faculty member at a public institution in Indiana and the deadline to apply is April 16.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education consists of fourteen members appointed by the Governor, the press release said. The Governor directly appoints 12 members, nine representing a Congressional District and three at-large members, to serve terms of four years.

The group’s goal is to review all programs at public institutions and make recommendations to the governing board of the institution, the Governor and the General Assembly. They also define the educational missions of public colleges and universities, plan and coordinate Indiana’s state-supported system of post-high school education.

“Having strong faculty representation from one of the state’s institutions is important in guiding the Commission in its mission of planning and coordinating the state’s higher education landscape and aligning the needs of students and the state,” said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers. “We are pleased to have had collaborative, passionate faculty members as part of the Commission in the past and look forward to welcoming another new perspective to our work during the upcoming year.”

Requirements for the position is as followed: 

  • Hold a full-time faculty appointment at a public institution of higher education
  • Engaged in teaching, research, or other activities and responsibilities traditionally expected of faculty
  • Reside within the state of Indiana
  • Meet approximately 20 to 25 days out of each year, usually scheduled on the Wednesday and Thursday coinciding with the second Thursday of the month and normally involving an overnight stay at the meeting site
  • Serve on the Academic Affairs and Quality Committee and be responsible for participating in monthly meetings in correlation with commission meetings
  • Serve a term of July 1 through June 30, 2023

Anyone interested in the position must submit applications and a signed agreement to serve by April 16.

To learn more information and apply click here.