(WANE) — On Friday, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita spoke with WANE 15 about the latest developments on the Delphi case and the new ruling which could increase the presence of cameras in Indian courtrooms.

Rokita said he represented Carroll County, the county where the Delphi homicide case took place, when Rokita served in Indiana’s House of Representatives, and Rokita wants to see justice served.

“Like the rest of the Hoosierland, I am riveted to this trial,” Rokita said.

Although Rokita said he believes the truth will prevail, he did warn that the trial has a long way to go before it is finished.

“This is going to be a long baseball game, and we’re kind of only in the first or second inning, so we need patience and we need the truth to come out,” Rokita said.

Keeping to the subject of courts, Rokita also spoke about a recent announcement that judges will have the choice of allowing media cameras in courtrooms.

Rokita said the new ruling will allow Hoosiers to have a better opportunity to understand how the judicial process works.

“I hope judges by in large decide to open their courtrooms up to at least 20th Century technology,” Rokita said.

The new camera rule will go into effect May 1.