FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — ESG is a big topic on conservative talk radio.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R) said Monday all Hoosiers should be concerned about the new way “woke” investors and corporations have started to value Environmental, Social and Governmental scores above profits and losses.

“Things that the elites can’t get done at the ballot box,” Rokita began, “they’re trying to do through the corporate board now and through shareholders meetings. It’s wrong.”

Rokita quoted economist Milton Friedman’s contention that companies have a “fiduciary responsibility” to maximize profit for shareholders. Those investors can decide with their earnings which social causes to finance.

ESG proponents argue companies should also include stakeholders and not just shareholders.

One New Jersey CPA website explained, “The environmental component of ESG relates to a company’s impact on natural resources, including energy consumption, air emissions and waste management. The social component is a company’s social impact internally and externally on its stakeholders to include diversity, employee engagement and community relations. Finally, the governance component relates to decisions made by company management and its board of directors for areas such as board composition, executive compensation and labor practices.”

Rokita said he is leading a group of 15 Attorneys General to push back on investment managers who rate companies on ESG over profit and loss.

“We will have litigation over this if they don’t get back to the basics of their fiduciary duty to return the highest profit as possible,” he warned.

He already has said Indiana pension investments cannot use ESG criteria.

Rokita also said Indiana will prevail in a Monroe County court in defense of the recently-enacted near-total abortion ban.

“Indiana had an anti-abortion law before before Roe v. Wade… and it was found constitutional and no one had a privacy concern. So I’m really hopeful that we win this case, but the courts will do what the courts do.”

Political observers have speculated Rokita might run for U.S. Senator or Indiana Governor in 2024, which drew a laugh but not a denial.

“I love the job of Attorney General,” said Rokita. “I really love the job. We’ll figure those other things out towards the end of the year. But right now I’m trying to be the best attorney general I can be and do what the people asked me to do.”