INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — When it comes to marijuana, Indiana’s nearly “pot-locked.” 

All but one of Indiana’s surrounding states have some form of legalized marijuana in place. 

Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, and it’s nearly legal in Illinois, pending the governor’s signature on a bill.

On Wednesday, Louisville’s City Council told police not to prioritize adult marijuana possession cases although Kentucky still currently outlaws marijuana as Indiana does. 

How will Gov. Eric Holcomb make sure the state stays weed-free?

He said Indiana is counting on its police. 

“We’ve got the best police force in the country,” Holcomb said. “I may be a little biased when I say that, but by every indicator that we measure, they are just that, and they’ll continue to do their job and they’ll do it with distinction … regardless of policy changes that I think prematurely have been made in states surrounding us.” 

Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine said his agency is aware of what’s happening in our surrounding states. 

“We’re not going to do anything different,” Perrine said. “We don’t have any specific task force or plans. Our plan is simple: We’re going to continue to enforce laws the same way we have done so in the past and that is marijuana in the state of Indiana continues to be illegal.” 

Indiana State Police said if Hoosiers buy marijuana outside of the state, they should not bring it home. They could face consequences from a fine to a felony charge resulting in time in jail, Perrine said.

Some Hoosiers on Thursday weighed the pros and cons of Indiana legalizing marijuana.

“Definitely medical,” Kandi McKinght of Avon said. “I would be all for it. Recreational, I’m still kind of skeptical.”

“From a tax standpoint, I think that Indianapolis would definitely benefit from it,” Miguel Martinez of Indianapolis said. “But, I do see some negative effects from it as well. I’m kind of in the middle.”

“I know younger kids and adults that have epilepsy. I know it helps them, so medicinal use, yes, I do favor in that.” Jordan Flannagan of Fishers said.