Holcomb meets with President Trump about American workforce


Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb joined President Donald Trump at the White House Wednesday to discuss the American workforce. 

It’s part of the first meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. 

The special task force serves as “the President’s National Council for the American Worker,” according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

President Trump established the advisory board in July 2018 through Executive Order 13845. 

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and advisor, and Wilbur Ross, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce, led the advisory board.

They met with other members with the goal of providing advice and recommendations on ways to provide America’s students and workers with more access to education and job training. President Trump’s end goal is to use those skills to compete in the global economy. 

Members hoped to accomplish that goal by encouraging the private sector and educational institutions to increase demand-driven education, training, and retraining in skills and trade jobs.

One way they hope to do that is through more apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities. 

Governor Holcomb is one of more than two dozen people on the board. President Trump likely chose Holcomb because of his continued focus on job training and workforce development through his Next Level Jobs initiative in Indiana. 

Holcomb is one of two governors on the current task force.

After the meeting, Governor Holcomb released a statement saying, “Strengthening our workforce is one of the most important things we’ve undertaken. In Indiana, we are meeting today’s workforce needs while also preparing for tomorrow’s economy. It takes an all-in approach and I’m excited to work with the President’s administration and other leaders from around the country to ensure every Hoosier has access to the education and training they need to finding fulfilling careers.”

Other board members include representatives from businesses, non-profits, universities, labor unions, and government agencies.

According to the president’s executive order, the advisory board has 180 days to accomplish various initial tasks related to addressing what Trump has called the “skills crisis.”

Some of those initial goals are:

  • Develop a Campaign to Promote Multiple Pathways to Career Success
  • Data Transparency to Better Match American Workers with American Jobs
  • Modernize Candidate Recruitment and Training Practices
  • Measure and Encourage Employer-led Training Investments

You can read more details about those goals here.

The first meeting will happen at the White House Wednesday from 2-5 p.m.

The meeting will be livestreamed for public viewing. You can watch it here

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