High school student gets perfect ACT score…and he’s only 15

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Hours of studying, going to tutoring sessions and taking the practice tests. Hundreds of area high schools are going through that grind right now preparing for the ACT test.

For one Indiana high schooler that hard work has already paid off. His score is a special one.

Andy Kaboski received a perfect 36 on his ACT exam. But his intelligence isn’t the only thing that helps him stand out from his class. He is only 15 years old! He skipped grades 1 and 5.

He already had a love for math. He took calculus with high school students while he was in middle school. By the time he was a sophomore at Penn High School, there were no more math classes left for him to take. So now as a junior he takes college math course.

His parents say they couldn’t be more proud of what he’s accomplished, but they want him to know there is more to this life than just test scores.

“We try to stress that schooling is only a means to an end, so it’s really a test score,” said his father Joe. “Hopefully helps him get into college, but its more what you do with your abilities in the real world than just test taking.

Andy is finishing up his junior year at Penn High School. He’s already looking at colleges like Notre Dame and the University of Chicago.

By the time kids his age are entering college, he’ll already be graduating.

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