INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – Tree huggers, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources needs your help to find the largest trees in the state.

It’s time to update the Big Tree Registry, a list of the largest known specimen of each native tree species in Indiana.

“Indiana’s currently tallest recorded tree is a 152-foot-tall bitternut hickory, and our widest tree circumference is a silver maple at more than 361 inches,” said Jacob Roos, DNR urban forestry director. “We need help getting out across the state to find our new record-setting trees.”

The individual tree of each Indiana native species with the highest total points will be that species’ Big Tree champion, DNR explained.

The three measurements required include trunk circumference measured in inches at 4 1/2 feet above the ground; total height measured in feet, and average crown spread measured in feet. The total size of each tree nominated is calculated by adding the circumference and height to a quarter of the average crown spread.

Nominate a tree and check out the candidates online.