SEYMOUR, Ind. (WANE) A traffic stop last Friday on I-65 in southern Indiana led to the discovery of unrefrigerated food and untaxed alcoholic beverages that were being hauled in a rental truck heading from Florida to Indianapolis.

According to Indiana State Police, a motorist reported the truck had blown a tire and was throwing debris into the path of other vehicles. The driver of the truck was also having a hard time keeping it on the road.

When troopers pulled the truck over just north of the Seymour exit, an inspection found the truck was loaded with fruit, vegetables and fish as well as the alcoholic beverages. The Jackson County Health Department was called along with Indiana State Police Motor Carrier Inspectors.

Photo of overweight truck provided by Indiana State Police.

A check of the truck’s weight determined it was 15,000 pounds over the amount legally allowed.

The truck was unloaded on Saturday and Monday. Approximately 200 pounds of fish and 400 bags of vegetables were destroyed because of not being properly refrigerated.

Indiana State Excise Police confiscated the alcoholic beverages.

The driver, a resident of Florida, was cited for not having a required logbook and for improperly transporting perishable food in an unacceptable manner. The driver was released and allowed to take the remaining food to an Indianapolis market.