DECATUR COUNTY, Ind. — A man driving a FedEx semi-truck in central Indiana was knocked unconscious over the weekend after police say a rock was thrown through his windshield, causing the semi to crash into a median and severely injure the driver.

The incident occurred around 2:55 a.m. Sunday near the 127-mile marker of westbound I-74 in Decatur County, according to a Facebook post sent Monday from the county sheriff. Deputies were called shortly after for a single-vehicle crash involving a lone semi-truck.

Upon arrival, DCSD deputies found a FedEx semi alone in the middle of a median. The driver of the semi, police said, was semi-conscious and had significant injuries to his head.

While further examining the semi, DCSD said deputies found that a juvenile passenger in the semi was thankfully unharmed. They did, however, notice damage to the semi’s windshield.

The driver of the semi, DCSD said, was flown to St. Vincent’s Hospital due to the extent of his injuries.

Deputies said that evidence at the scene suggests a rock was thrown through the semi’s windshield, hitting the driver in the head and knocking him unconscious. The juvenile child of the semi-driver, a passenger in the car, was not hit by the rock or injured.

While no further information was immediately provided in DCSD’s post, investigators did say that there is video evidence of the incident that is being reviewed for more info.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is being asked to call the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department at (812) 663-8125.