EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Car troubles have been a big fear for many as temperatures drop dangerously low. For one mother, however, that fear became a reality.

EvansvilleWatch shared a message from one of their followers, telling the story of how one Evansville firefighter was there for them when she needed it the most.

“Earlier this morning I was heading to work, my car made it about halfway down Covert before it completely died on me, leaving me in a ditch with three kids!” she said on social media. “My phone was only at 1% so the only person I called was the police.”

The mother said she talked with dispatch and they told her to stay inside the car while they work on sending her help.

“Six minutes later an EFD officer (Brian) pulls up behinds me & helps me get my children out of the car & tells us to get in his warm vehicle and stay put,” she says. “He then goes back over to my van with his jump box to try and give it a jump only to realize it wasn’t gonna work! When we got to my house my son gave this look & said ‘thank you for saving us batman brian’.”

The Evansville Fire Department noticed the post and shared it, adding they are proud of their members for stepping up.

“PROUD!! Even when members of our department are off duty, working their second job, they are still doing what they can to help the citizens of our community,” the Evansville Fire Department said on social media.

The woman finished her message by thanking the fire department, police department and American Medical Response for everything they do.