(INDIANA DNR) For the first time, Indiana DNR’s hatchery system was successful in producing advanced walleye fingerlings (measuring 5-7 inches) in large numbers for annual fall stockings.

Hatchery biologists at Fawn River State Fish Hatchery finished stocking these larger fish alongside walleye stock (measuring 6-8 inches) purchased from a private commercial fish supplier.

Predators feeding off smaller walleye is a huge factor limiting stocking success. Smaller fingerlings (measuring 1-2 inches) were traditionally stocked in the spring and were often eaten before they could attain a mature 14 inches.

Biologists adjusted their stocking schedule to allow more time for the fish to grow in the protected hatchery system, giving them time to outgrow predators prior to stocking.

Due to a lack of suitable spawning habitat, walleye are unable to maintain their numbers naturally in many of Indiana’s lakes. Stockings are required to maintain many of the fisheries Indiana’s anglers enjoy.
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