DELPHI, Ind. (WANE) — Indiana State Police investigating the 2017 killings of two Delphi girls have asked for help from anyone who may have communicated with the social media profile “anthony_shots.”

As police probed the killings of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, detectives uncovered an online profile “anthony_shots” that was used from 2016-2017 on social media applications including Snapchat and Instagram.

The profile used a known male model, attempted to solicit images from girls and tried to meet with them. The creator of the profile portrayed himself as wealthy.

The model seen on the profile had nothing to do with the account.

Police initially asked to speak with any individual who communicated with, met, or attempted to meet the “anthony_shots” profile.

On Monday then, state police said in an effort to expand the list of social media applications used by anthony_shots, they hoped to speak with anyone who communized with “anthony_shots” on social media application Yellow, or Yubo.

Law enforcement can be reached at or (765) 822-3535.