INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) — Infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations is expected to be done within the next five years.

$100 million in investments for the electric vehicle industry is said to be happening in Indiana according to the Indiana Department of Transportation. However, a new commission was created in favor of this.

During the General Assembly session in 2021, the Electric Vehicle Product Commission was established.

This is a 10-member commission that evaluates and reports on electric vehicles.

These are the tasks that the commission handles:

  • Evaluating the inventory of existing electric vehicle product facilities and production capability.
  • Evaluate the inventory of skilled and nonskilled workers in the electric vehicle product industry.
  • Evaluate opportunities and needs for training within the electric vehicle product industry.
  • Determine if training centers promoting careers in the electric vehicle product industry should be created or transitioned from traditional automotive industry training centers.
  • Identify existing manufacturing competencies within the traditional automotive industry and determine how the existing competencies could be leveraged to increase the production of electric vehicles.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for growth within the electric vehicle product industry.
  • Identify and document results from previous instances of retooling and transforming manufacturing facilities in the automotive industry.
  • Identify opportunities for research and development within the electric vehicle product industry.

The Electric Vehicle Product Commission will run until December 31st, 2026, and will submit an annual report to the Indiana Economic Development Corp.

A public meeting regarding their tasks will be held by the commission on Friday, April 8 at the Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis.