INDIANA (NEXSTAR) – The winter driving season can be treacherous for a variety of reasons, from ice on the road to snow flying from other vehicles. 

In Indiana, drivers might wonder whether they can be sued if snow flying from their cars creates more hazardous driving conditions for others on the road.

Drivers can become distracted by flying snow and ice from a vehicle. They may even swerve to avoid it flying at their windshield, which could lead to an accident.

Indiana is no stranger to these types of issues, and in the worst-case scenario, the resulting crash could be deadly.

Drivers in Indiana who do not properly clean snow or ice off of their car can be found at fault if it results in an accident, according to Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys Poynter & Bucheri. Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine told the law firm, “snow and ice don’t carry liability insurance.”

However, in order for Indiana drivers to receive compensation for medical bills, vehicle damages, and more, they will have to prove that the other driver was at fault. 

Lawyers with Indianapolis personal injury law firm Hurst Limontes LLC said if drivers can get evidence from eyewitness accounts, photographs, cell phone records, toxicology results, or black box data like vehicle speeds and breaking, they will have a strong case to bring a lawsuit forward.

Drivers who are the victim of such an accident are encouraged to seek medical attention and file a police report immediately after pulling over.