FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Struggling to spell a word in the age of auto-correct can be a frustrating situation.

You know generally how the word should look, but maybe auto-correct or predictive text is just not “getting” what you are putting down?

Often in these situations, many people turn to Google to just ask “How is _____ spelled?”

Betway, an online sports betting agency, recently analyzed Google search data to learn what words each state has the toughest time spelling. Due to the fluidity of language, many people may notice trends of slang words, alternate spellings, or some words with multiple acceptable spellings. 

One of those multiple spelling words is at the top in a good number of states that ask Google the correct way to spell the color “gray,” both are correct if you were wondering.

Another word with two spellings is also at the top for Indiana, as Hoosiers tend to struggle the most when attempting to call something or someone, “bougie.”

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Following “bougie” in the number one spot, folks from Indiana may struggle to differentiate between people seeking medical care versus the ability to wait for something, as number two on the list was the word “patience.”

Ranking third for words Indiana residents asked Google how to spell, is the written-out version of the number 90. (Ninety)

Here’s the top ten words that Indiana asks Google most how to spell: