Bodies left to decompose unrefrigerated at Indiana funeral home


TIPTON– A central Indiana family says they’re grieving all over again after Indiana State Police found four bodies decomposing at Porter Funeral Home this week. The family learned one of the four was their father.

The funeral home is located in Tipton, Indiana.

Two daughters dealing with a tragic loss, after their father 56-year-old Duane Nance lost his fight with cancer June 7th.

“I’m having a really hard time understanding that he`s gone now and then when this came out I had to…take a minute and thing that what he needed done right then and we need to figure out why somebody would do this to him,” says Ashly Nance, Duane’s daughter.

They held a viewing at Porter Funeral Home June 12th. The family says nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

On Monday they called Porter asking for his death certificate, but they were told his body was sent to be cremated. Thursday, Amber and Ashly were left stunned after getting a phone call learning their father had been decomposing at Porter Funeral since they last saw him, June 12th.

“It was just kind of like pulling the scab off of a wound. We had thought we were at a point where we could start moving past it, trying to grieve. And then it was like boom, here it is again. Rubbing salt on a wound and just kind of reliving everything all over again,” says Amber Stout, Duane’s stepdaughter.

They were in contact with Porter to make arrangements before their father`s death. At the viewing, they say nothing was out of the ordinary.

“He was cold. I touched him and he was cold. Everything was nice, he looked great,” says Ashly.

“One of the biggest things is our minds just wonder what happened after that. After our viewing was he just rolled in the back and left out because they left really, really fast after we did,” says Amber.

ISP raided the funeral home on Thursday, June 20th.

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