INDIANAPOLIS, IN. (WCIA) — A third-party logistics company may be part of the solution to easing the Midwest’s supply chain backlogs—helping to get more manufacturing goods here to Central Illinois, faster.

The company has acquired Indiana-based Bakers Express and DNK Express, giving them access to 250 trucks, to help get goods where they need to go.

Typically, a 3PL sources their shipments and their carriers, but with this move, Backhaul Direct now gains access to an entire fleet of trucks, so they can take on more shipments, and move more goods across Indiana and into Illinois.

Backhaul Direct President and CEO Greg Harris has continued making strong business moves across the logistics industry and knows this investment will help meet today’s supply chain demands.

“By further investing in our asset division, we continue to meet the everchanging demands of our customers facing capacity constraints. Combining Backhaul Direct’s contracted business with Bakers Express and DNK’s dedicated business model and customer service driven operation make this acquisition a key component to our overall growth strategy,” said Backhaul Direct President and CEO Greg Harris.

DNK Express and Bakers Express are managed by a man known as an industry titan, President Dave Kimack. These trucks give Backhaul Direct more access to move all types of goods, including expedited services and refrigerated items—helping keep more goods on stores shelves.