INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE) Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita on Monday announced he asked asked the courts to lift several injunctions against Indiana abortion laws as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling last week regarding Roe v. Wade.

The Indiana laws for which Attorney General Rokita is asking courts to lift injunctions include:

  • a ban on discriminatory abortions sought specifically because of the unborn child’s race, sex, or disability
  • a ban on dismemberment abortions, in which living unborn children are dismembered piece by piece
  • a requirement that parents be notified when a court approves an abortion for a minor child without parental consent (barring extenuating circumstances such as reason to believe such notification could endanger the child)

“Indiana has a long history of defending life,” Attorney General Rokita said, “and the Supreme Court has recognized these contributions. Indeed, the Dobbs decision expressly cited multiple Indiana cases — such as our battles to outlaw discriminatory abortion and require respectful disposition of the bodies of aborted babies.“