INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) — The state of Indiana has finished printing and mailing the automatic taxpayer refund checks, State Auditor Tera Klutz said Thursday.

Klutz said more than 1.5 million automatic taxpayer refund checks have been printed and mailed. The state successfully completed printing the checks on Sept. 21 and the last batch were mailed Sept. 22, Klutz said.

“Most Hoosiers who filed a 2020 tax return in 2021, should have received their automatic taxpayer refund via direct deposit or mailed check by now,” said Klutz.

The checks include the initial $125 triggered by state law because of an excess in reserves as well as an additional $200 approved during the special session that wrapped up in August. Individual taxpayers should receive a total of $325 while couples filing jointly will receive $650.

Haven’t gotten the refund?

Hoosiers who qualified for the automatic taxpayer refund but who have not received a direct deposit or mailed check can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue after Nov. 1.

Get a refund check re-issued

If an individual received a payment who has since passed away, the living spouse or executor needs to file a Distributee’s Affidavit for Disposition of Estates SF# 49377 with the Auditor of State, and include a copy of the Death Certificate.

If an individual received a check that could not be deposited due to blurriness or printer error, the recipient needs to file an Affidavit for Lost or Not Received Warrant SF#42850 with the Auditor of State.

Completed and notarized forms can be mailed to the Indiana Auditor of State at 200 West Washington Street, Room 240, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Feel free to contact us directly at with any questions regarding this process.

Need a refund check split?

Hoosiers who received a joint check of $650 made out to both spouses who filed their 2020 individual income taxes jointly, but who have since divorced and need the check separated and reissued should mail the original check along with a written request to divide the refund to:

Indiana Department of Revenue
Attn: Non-Responsible Spouse
PO Box 7202
Indianapolis, IN 46207

For more information, visit the Automatic Taxpayer Refund page on the AOS website.