A look at alcohol sales the first month after legalization

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The first full month of legal Sunday alcohol sales in modern state history is in the books.
But how did it go, and what trends are liquor stores in the state starting to see?
Flashback to March 4th. The first Sunday since 1816 where Hoosiers can buy booze.

John Dechant, a manager with Kahn’s Fine Wine and Spirits in Indianapolis said Monday 
“They were cheering and taking photos with their cameras when the doors opened. Several customers wanted to save their receipts to add to their scrap books.”

John Dechantsaid that outpouring of enthusiasm didn’t flow into the following Sundays. 
Dechant explained “Afterwards, it did get a lot slower. There was a marked drop in our sales after that.”

Dechan’t said since that First Sunday, they’ve actually seen a decline of about 75% in alcohol sales, specifically on Sundays.

Dechant explained “We were closed this past Sunday for Easter, and the weather wasn’t so great.”

Jon Sinder, is one of the owners of Crown Liquors. He’s also chairman of Indiana’s Association of Beverage Retailers. He says on that first Sunday, statewide alcohol sales were excellent. Statewide, he says liquor store retailers need more Sundays under their belts to really figure out what the sales effect is.

Jon Sinder explained “Two of the Sundays followed a Saturday snow storm. One, the week before last being 10 inches. This past Sunday was Easter. It’s really hard to tell. I think we’ll know more mid-summer.” 

Back at Kahn’s, Dechant is very hopeful.
Dechant explained  “I do think once football season comes around and Indy 500 week, once that comes around, things will pick up.”

At this point, it’s more of a wait and see type of thing, at least on the Statewide level.
Sinder told us beverage retailers plan on continuing Sunday Sales across the state because, he says it’s something customers and retailers wanted.

Dechant told us they’re planning special Sunday-only sales, and Sunday tasting events. 

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