INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) — Vertice Industries, an Indianapolis-based recycling company, announced Wednesday the 25,000 square foot expansion of their plant facility that will accommodate additional equipment.

Vertice purchased and engineered three new specialized grinding engines that are unique to the Midwest, and the company believes these are the only machines of this type that recycle industrial plastic for reuse in the Midwest market.

These machines were also designed to handle higher volumes of recycled materials, reduce contaminates and increase purity levels recovered in the plastics.

“This plant expansion and the acquisition of this new equipment allows us to increase both volume capacity while increasing purity levels of our recycled plastic and the bi-products,” said Vertice CEO Joe Aker. “This also allows us to better and more efficiently meet the quality standard requirements for our growing client base.”

Aker said he hopes the expansion will add 50 to 100 jobs for the community, and he also hopes Vertice will develop relationships with other regional recycling companies that need the upgrade in reprocessing and purity standards.