Indiana lawmaker proposes Yellow Dot law to help people in crashes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Getting first responders to help you as fast and as well as they can.

One state lawmaker has a unique proposal he believes will do the trick.

State Rep. Ethan Manning‘s bill has to do with yellow dots. There’s actually more to it than that, but he said he believes these might actually help you in a crash.

In that crash, you’re hurt and knocked out. You can’t speak to the emergency medical technicians or firefighters trying to help you.

“If there’s a question on something, this information could give them a leg up on immediately caring for a person before they arrive at the hospital,” said Manning, a Republican from Denver, Indiana, in Miami County said. 

Manning said six other states, including Illinois and Kentucky, already have a Yellow Dot law.

“It’s certainly something that could save someone’s life if they’re in a situation,” Manning said.

How would it work?

The yellow dot would go somewhere on one of your vehicle’s windows. That would tell first responders to look inside your glove box. That’s they would find an envelope with your health card inside. The card would have information including your emergency contacts, medications you’re taking, and your allergies.

The voluntary program could cost the Bureau of Motor Vehicles from $500,000-$600,000 to run. That money would pay for the decals, envelopes and information cards.

“At 3 o’clock in the morning, when the snow is falling or the rain is falling, the chances of us seeing that may be slim,” said Larry Curl, who represents the Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association. “We won’t overlook it intentionally, but I think it has to be in the bill assuring that we’re not held responsible.” 

Under the bill, the BMV could charge you up to $5 to join.

News 8 asked drivers like Dana Turner if they’re willing to pay up to $5.

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve just never heard of that before. I guess if it’s for good intentions to get people their help for their medical whatever…” Turner, of Indianapolis, said. “I think it’s a good idea.” 

Lawmakers want to make some changes to the proposal, so a vote wasn’t taken Tuesday in the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and Public Safety. The bill is expected back in front of lawmakers next week. 

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