Indiana house passes several human trafficking bills

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Human trafficking is at the center of several bills moving through the Indiana statehouse right now. Three bills unanimously passed the House on Thursday and will now be considered in the Senate.

The first one updates a lot of antiquated language and better defines human trafficking. It also expands the rape shield statute to include victims of human trafficking.

Read all of HB 1270 here.

Another bill requires the department of education to have information on its website about how to identify and report human trafficking. It will also require certain school employees to get at least one hour of training on human trafficking every two years.

Read all of HB 1230 here.

The third bill removes the requirement that a health care provider has to report an adult patient who is a suspected trafficking victim to police. Instead they will provide them with information about resources and services for them to get help.  The concern was that if the health care provider was *required to report the victim to police, the vicim wouldn’t get needed care. Victims are often mentally manipulated by their trafficker to not trust police – and a lot of times the trafficker will threaten to hurt them or their families if they go to police.

Read all of HB 1191 here.

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