INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Hospital Association will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. to address the state’s current COVID-19 situation and its impact on hospitals and workplaces.

The two organizations will also be joined by various business and hospital leaders.

The Indiana Chamber says it will also have announcements regarding on-site vaccine clinics and a testing option for employers.

This comes as Indiana is seeing some of its highest hospitalization and case numbers.

“We’ve been dealing with this, this is now the fourth wave of a mass outbreak if you will where we’re seeing strain on hospitals and the fatigue on the equipment, the spaces and more importantly the people involved…it’s crushing,” said Christian Walker with the Hamilton County Health Department.

Another area of concern is that current therapeutics are not holding up well against omicron. 

There is some positive news in that a new anti-viral pill from Pfizer will be reaching Indiana hospitals. However, the supply is so limited that hospitals are only receiving enough for 20 patients.