HUDSON, Ind. (WANE) – The Hudson Volunteer Fire Department is in need of finances to make repairs to an aging fire department building and to prevent a possible closure.

Chive Charities, an offshoot operation of theCHIVE, is co-founded by Fort Wayne native John Resig, a Bishop Dwenger graduate.

Resig’s operation donated $5,000 to the fire department at a ceremony on Saturday afternoon. A flash campaign will be held on the next week.

Over the last several years, Chive Charities has donated more than $3 million in grants to more than 80 underfunded causes.

The Hudson Fire Department is staffed by volunteers, but a lack of funding from the city has created a possibility the department could close leaving the city without EMS and fire protection.

Rescue Lt. Justin Pence, a Chiver, reached out to Resig to see if Chive Charities could help.

“I messaged John that my department is seriously struggling here and he stepped up,” Pence said in a statement released by Resignation Media, the parent company of theCHIVE.

“Their roof is caving in,” said Resig. “Their equipment is terribly outdated. Now we’d like to come back, to return to our roots and help these guys get back on their feet.”

The flash campaign is similar to a flash mob, where money is instantly raised on website. Past flash campaigns have raised hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in several hours. Those who donate are from all over the world and are just looking to help out a cause. Previous flash campaigns have benefited members of the military and children with debilitating diseases.

The flash campaign is expected to take place Wednesday.