How to program a Midland weather radio


When severe weather threatens, The Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team recommends multiple layers of protection for you and your family. Those layers include NewsChannel 15, your WANE WX app, and a Midland weather radio. Midland weather radios play a critical role in alerting you of incoming severe weather because they have battery backup and are loud enough to wake you at night. You can purchase Midland weather radios at your local Walgreen’s or Kroger. You can watch the video above for a step-by-step guide on how to program your Midland weather radio or read the steps below:

MODEL WR120EZ (most common)

You will need the following:

  • Midland All Hazards Weather Alert Radio
  • 3 AA batteries
  • A/C power adapter
  1. Insert three double AA batteries in the back of the weather radio.
  2. Radio turns on and time flashes “12:00AM” on the screen – your radio is now ready to program.
  3. Program the time:

    • Push menu button – “SET TIME” will appear on the screen.
    • Push select button – “12:00AM” will appear with the 12 flashing.
    • Change the hour by using up or down arrow buttons. The clock is a 12-hour clock so keep going up or down to get AM or PM.
    • When you have reached the desired hour, use the right arrow button on the radio to move to the minute.
    • Use the up or down arrow buttons to select the correct minutes.
    • When you’ve programmed the desired time, hit the select button – “SET TIME” will appear again on the screen.
  4. Program your location:

    • Push the menu button and use the down arrow button to select “SET LOCATION” on the screen.
    • With the down arrow button, scroll through and select “SINGLE” for just one county or “MULTIPLE” for multiple counties.

      • This is completely your decision! Remember, the more counties you put in, the more frequently your weather radio could go off. Many people choose “MULTIPLE” to put in their county and the county or two immediately west or southwest of where they live.
      • “ANY” means that your weather radio will receive all weather alerts for any location within range – not recommended.
    • Press the up and down arrow buttons to find your state and county, then press the select button. If you have selected “MULTIPLE,” counties will appear again after your first selection.
  5. Program your channel:

    • Push the menu button and use the down arrow button to select “SET CHANNEL” on the screen.
    • Use the up and down arrow buttons to select your transmitter channel (between 1-7). Fort Wayne is typically channel 7 – if your audio is up, you should hear the automated voice.

If you have an older Midland radio (standard WR120), you will need to manually program the S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) codes. You can read the owner’s manual here. Refer to the following for S.A.M.E. codes:

Once your weather radio has been programmed, plug the AC adapter into the wall – the batteries are only meant to be used as a backup in case you lose power. We recommend changing your batteries twice a year (usually when you change your smoke detector batteries) to prevent damage from leaky batteries. Also, pull out the antenna to make sure you have good reception from the transmitter.

IMPORTANT: make sure the ON/OFF switch on the side of the radio stays ON. If this is switched to off, you will not receive any alerts.

A weekly weather radio test is transmitted throughout our area – typically around noon on Wednesdays.

For questions/problems, contact the Midland Customer Service Department at 816-462-0459.

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