Dottie Mack, a woman who became a local celebrity has passed away at the age of 91.
If you ever helped welcome an Honor Flight back to Fort Wayne International, you probably saw, and no doubt heard Dottie Mack.

She sang with the American Legion Band at several events to honor veterans.
Dottie started welcoming veterans back as a way to have purpose after the sudden death of her husband Paul who joined the Navy after the invasion of Pearl Harbor.

After her husband’s death 20 years ago, Dottie wore black every day in his honor. Needing to find purpose, she started to do events to honor veterans with a guardian angel on her necklace and a smile on her face she would always say, “he’s with me every day.”

Along with her volunteer work supporting veterans, Dottie also became a karaoke legend around town, and wrote a COVID song during pandemic lockdowns.

According to her obituary, Dottie passed away on Tuesday.