Holiday skating at Headwaters Park Ice Rink is Positively Fort Wayne!


Jason August is decked out in a bright red holiday suit as he glides around Headwaters Park Skating Rink on a sunny December afternoon. He can’t help but smile as he says, “It’s Christmas week. What’s more festive than skating at Headwaters Park!” With schools out on holiday break, families are taking advantage of extended hours to enjoy the downtown attraction. Kyra Ticotin came for the first time and brought her young son Mason. “I actually just moved back from Los Angeles. This is great!”

Ticotin is here with her friend Lindsay Hess who brought her boys Leo and Isaac. “We’re just starting to get the hang of it, so we come more often. It’s wonderful.” Leo agrees, “It’s just fun to learn how to ice skate and learn how to glide.” Little Isaac adds with a big smile, “plus mom is going to buy us hot cocoa!” The friends erupt with laughter.

Friends Kyra Ticotin and Lindsay Hess enjoy time at Headwaters Park Skating Rink with their kids Isaac and Mason.

The rink has become part of the downtown fabric for the past 19 winters. Geoff Paddock is the Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance. “There’s no other rink like this one anywhere in the area,” he says, “with the Lincoln Financial Pavilion overhead in a beautiful downtown setting, it’s a wonderful tradition.” Carolyn Pettibone has worked at the rink since it’s second season. She says the smiles are what keep bringing her back every year. “The kids get so excited when they walk through the door. They’re jumping around and saying, I’m going to go ice skating today.”

Jason August was bell ringing for the Salvation Army in his holiday suit when he decided to head downtown to skate at Headwaters Park.

Jason August still has the enthusiasm he had as a kid. He wasn’t hard to spot in his fun, holiday suit. “I was bell ringing for the Salvation Army earlier today, so why not keep the love alive and come down here and skate at Headwaters Park.” It’s hard to argue with logic like that. Lindsay Hess says her family is creating life long memories. “It’s really nice to do something active and get out of the house.” It’s why the Headwaters Park Ice Skating Rink is Positively Fort Wayne!

Paddock is proud to say the cost of admission has only gone up one dollar since the rink opened. He thanks the many sponsors who adorn the dashboards who make that possible, especially during a challenging time like a global pandemic. He also appreciates the support of the Downtown Improvement District and Old National Bank for providing several free skate days. You can find details on prices, hours of operation and free skate days on the Headwaters Park Skating Rink page.

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