Fort Wayne, Ind. – (WANE) At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Vice President Glynn Hines took a moment to address concerns of “nefarious” behavior after the election of council president Jason Arp in a previous meeting.

Arp, a Republican, won the position with unanimous Democratic support from the board.

Hines has sat on the council for 22 years and says he has always supported bipartisan leadership.

“Jason came to me, he and I met and discussed leadership going forward and I’ve been pushing my idea  of having a president of one party and a vice-president of another. We agreed that that would be nice to have that occur. Then I went back to my Democratic counterparts and asked them if they could support that and they said sure,” Hines stated.

There is a Republican majority on council, five actively sitting to the four Democrats.

Since 1999 Fort Wayne has had a Democratic mayor, but a majority Republican council.  

“Jason deserves an opportunity,” Hines said at the meeting.