Here’s why you should think twice before warming up your car unattended


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – In the winter months, many vehicles are left alone in the driveway or on the streets to warm up before the owners leave home for the day. Just because your car sits in your driveway doesn’t mean it’s safe.

In Fort Wayne throughout the month of January and February, 112 vehicles were stolen in 2019. 17 of them were warming up. In the same months the year of 2020, 103 were stolen and 17 were warming up. From January 1 – 24 in 2021, 48 cars have been stolen and 5 were warming up outside.

Fort Wayne Police Chief Steve Reed gave advice so you don’t add to those statistics throughout the colder months. Reed says typically he wouldn’t recommend to leave your car running, then leave your car. If you have to however, use a spare key to lock your car while it is outside running and you walk away. If possible, keep your car in sight.

“People will take advantage of a running car, they will get in and take the car. We just ask to think about that, and never ever warm your car up in the garage,” Reed says.

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