FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was in the Summit City Friday night for the grand opening of her husband’s campaign office downtown.

Surrounded by her husband’s supporters, Cruz talked about what issues her husband will take to Washington if elected our next president. She took pictures, shook hands and thanked volunteers who were calling voters.

In an exclusive interview with the potential First Lady, she told NewsChannel 15 this was the first of many visits to the Hoosier state.

“Ted will be doing a bus tour here next week and we’ve been to Indianapolis, down to Evansville,” Cruz said. “I was at the Right to Life dinner last night. That was wonderful then back up here to Fort Wayne.”

She talked about the support growing behind her husband in Indiana.

“We’ve got a lot of Ted Cruz supporters here. We have an army of thousands of volunteers who are getting out the word that Ted is the consistent conservative in this race,” Cruz said.

She also talked about what her senator husband is like at home, away from the campaign and cameras.

“He is a pop culture nut, probably too much for his own good,” Cruz said while laughing. “He love’s movies. He frequently calls me from the campaign trail singing a tune.”

Just like every couple, Cruz said the two always make time for each other even during crazy campaigning schedules.

“We always have date night Sunday night. He always does what I want to do and he’s really a very, very giving person,” Cruz said.

With both husband and wife focusing their campaigning efforts on Indiana leading up to the May primary, Cruz said their focus will be to reach as many voters as possible.

“I want the people of Indiana to know that Ted has been fighting for our values for literally decades,” she said. “This is a person who is educated at the dinner table on the Constitution and the Bible.”