INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana gubernatorial candidates are weighing in on the Individual Income Tax this week.

This comes after a state task force announced it is considering removing the tax for good. The chairman of the State and Local Tax Review Task Force said the group will look into removing the Individual Income Tax as part of a transformational “overhaul” of the state’s tax system—the first time the system is being analyzed in-depth in 20 years.

While the group won’t hear public testimony on the tax class until October, several gubernatorial candidates shared their thoughts early.

”I have come out with my ‘Axe the Tax’ plan,” Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch said.

If elected, Crouch said she would work to eliminate the tax even if the task force decides against removing the tax in the end. 

”It’ll be a phased-in approach; it will be tied to triggers so we’ll do it responsibly, but it’s not going to be that that’s all we’re going to do. We’re going to create a commission, a bi-partisan commission,” Crouch said.

Republican candidate Jamie Reitenour said he supported the work of the task force.

“I will always support lower taxes…Not only should we consider reducing the Indiana state income tax, but eliminating it completely,” Reitenour said.

But other candidates aren’t convinced getting rid of the tax is feasible. Sen. Mike Braun, who is running for governor, said that could mean $8 billion fewer dollars in the annual budget.

“I hear more complaints about property taxes and am willing to look at that as something that needs to be tweaked or adjusted,”  Braun said.

Republican candidate and former Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says he’s concerned the potential $8 billion shortfall could mean cuts to essential services. 

”What I would consider is a comprehensive review of the tax structure in Indiana, and the cost-basis of services provided,” Hill said. “We need to understand first what it is we have to do as a government as compared to things that we would like to do.”

FOX59/CBS4 did request on-camera interviews with all six Republican frontrunners and Democratic candidate Jennifer McCormick.