FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Greater Fort Wayne Inc. is sharing its 10 year plan with the public during town hall meetings.

“People just often want to be informed,” CEO Eric Doden said. “They want to understand and they want to ask their questions and make sure they understand exactly what the vision is and why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

John Hoffman traveled from Bippus to hear the 10 year plan.

“I want to stay involved with what’s going on,” Hoffman said.

The presentation focused around this video and its key points. Outlined in the video are five multi-million dollar projects; Riverfront development, the downtown arena, STEAM park, the Landing and the GE campus. Many people asked about the $250 million project to redevelop the old campus south of downtown.

“I was just curious as to the size of the campus and it was fun to hear him talk about the multiple use of it with residential, with office, with retail and just creating a whole campus environment,” Hoffman said.

Doden said he can’t say much about the project because of a confidentiality agreement, but did say they’re working every day to get a deal done.

“This live, work, play and learn concept would be dynamic and really transformational. The only thing we can do work hard at working with the various entities that have to come together in partnership and right now that’s moving in a really positive direction, but as you know deals of this size take time,” Doden said.