FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Tuesday night was the final gubernatorial debate. The three candidates squared off in their final hour-long debate.

Questions were submitted by the public and the Indiana Debate Commission. We asked on our Facebook page: would you be watching. Some of you said yes, but a vast majority said no. One group that was watching was the Allen County Libertarian Party as they held a watch party at Liberty Diner.

“We wanted the local Rainwater fans to have a chance to get together and meet the other ones as we watched this really fun and important event,” said Jeannette Jaquish, secretary of the Allen County Libertarian Party.

A group of Libertarian and Independent voters met at Liberty Diner and Jaquish said the topic she was most concerned about was the economy and getting Hoosiers back to work.

Jobs for Hoosiers was the first question asked. Governor Eric Holcomb stated that there are 26,000 new jobs coming to Indiana with an average wage of at least $27.

“The key is for us to skill up Hoosiers, that is the importance of having Ivy Tech, that is the importance of having Vincennes University, that is the importance of having work ones all over the state of Indiana,” Gov. Holcomb said.”Our goal is to move more have nots currently into the have category.”

Democratic candidate Dr. Woody Myers rebutted by stating that Indiana has lost a total 34,000 manufacturing jobs since February.

“We’ve got to do a lot more in education, we got to do a lot more in economic development, we got to bring a new breed of 21st century companies to the state of Indiana and not depend on the old approach anymore,” said Dr. Myers.

Libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater said that the Governor is the one to blame when it comes to the economy.

“Folks are unemployed because the Governor shut down the economy,” Rainwater said. “One of the first things we could do is make the pledge that as Governor of the state of Indiana, I will never again say some Hoosiers are essential some are not. What we need to do is reinvigorate the small business community.”

On our social media pages, we asked who won the debate.

Just hours after the poll was posted:

On Twitter, 44 % percent believed that Governor Eric Holcomb won and Dr. Myers trailed with 30%.

Twitter Poll

However, on WANE’s Facebook page, Rainwater was victorious with 200 votes and Governor Holcomb came in second with 107 votes.

Final Poll:

On Twitter, 52.6 % percent believed that Donald Rainwater won and Governor Eric Holcomb trailed with 30.8%.

Final Twitter Poll