FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Most people on hospice care choose to die in their own homes.

Keeping those people safe from coronavirus is a costly challenge to the caregivers at Visiting Nurse, as they struggle to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE).

“Our budget has just gone up astronomically,” says Dr. Ann Moore, the group’s chief medical officer. “It’s taking about $100,000 a month in PPE just to have a supply to meet the needs for the day. That’s not having a stockpile.”

Hospice helps patients who, without aggressive treatment, have a life expectancy of six months.

Visiting Nurse tries to ensure that time is meaningful to both the patient and their family.

“Hospice doesn’t want to accelerate the dying process,” says Moore. “You want it to be natural, you want it to be peaceful. You want families to have that time together.

“COVID is not comfortable. These people have high fevers, they can’t breathe and nobody wants that for their loved one or people they’re caring for.”

WANE !5 has partnered with 3Rivers Federal Credit Union for Give Back Thursdays. For the next few weeks, WANE 15 will showcase local nonprofit groups hit hard by the pandemic. 3Rivers will donate $1,000 to the group and match viewer donations up to $5,000 total.

“Fort Wayne is a great community and people want to help,” says Moore.

“We appreciate the help that people have given, whether it be their talent of sewing or their time or their money. We truly appreciate the support that we get.”

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Visiting Nurse traces its local history back to 1888.

When asked why they launched this effort, 3Rivers tells WANE 15 that “no donation is too small when the impact of need is so great. That’s why 3Rivers wants to help kick start the giving with a supporting match. A little can help a lot.”