FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — As school resumed for the majority of students in the area on Wednesday, there’s potential that some Fort Wayne crosswalks will be unsupervised.

The Fort Wayne Police Department, which manages the crossing guards for Fort Wayne Community Schools, is still looking to fill seven spots.

Captain Dan Ingram of FWPD told WANE 15 that they try to cover those spots with officers, but they’re not always able to.

“When we have openings and don’t have spots that are filled, we put in police officers in those positions when we can, but we also have to be responsive to the calls for service. Sometimes, unfortunately spots go unfilled, which is not what anyone wants, to have children crossing the street by themselves,” Captain Ingram said.

One of those spots is the troubled crosswalk near Blackhawk Middle School at E State Boulevard and Busche/Arrowwood Drives.

After two separate incidents where children were hit at that intersection during the last school year, FWPD stationed an officer there for the remainder of the school year.

This year, it’s back to having a crossing guard at that location.

“Unfortunately, we can’t permanently place somebody here every day for the whole school year,” Captain Ingram said.

He did say that a City of Fort Wayne speed sign was recently placed on E State to draw people’s attention to the upcoming school zone and get them to slow down.

“Unfortunately, last year we had a couple of incidents. Kids got injured. We don’t want that to happen again,” Captain Ingram said.

With school back in session, it’s a time officers want to remind parents to do their part in keeping kids safe. Part of that is reminding your children to pay attention to crossing guards and look both ways before crossing streets.

The other part is making sure you don’t feel the need to rush in the mornings.

“I know everybody is busy. Everyone is trying to get kids started for the school year,” Captain Ingram said. “We all run late at times, but you really have to prepare, get up early enough, and leave with enough time that you’re not rushing too much.”

He also asks that parents avoid dropping kids off on side streets and actually get in line to drop them off at their school in order to avoid traffic problems caused by random stops.

Anyone interested in applying for a crossing guard position can do so here. You have to be 18, pass a background check and a drug screen, and have transportation to and from your assigned crosswalk.