Frugal fun couple is Positively Fort Wayne


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – “So do you feel comfortable in what you’re doing?” asked Christine O’Rourke as her husband John colored her hair. “Absolutely not,” he replied. But that didn’t stop the home hair care coloring moment. It happened soon after the stay at home mandate went into effect.

“So when hair salons were closed, I didn’t have anywhere to go to get my hair done,” said Christine. “John volunteered to color my hair one day. Our son was home from school. It was quite the event.”

At home hair care was just one of the ways the O’Rourke’s found to be frugal when the pandemic first began. “We cut back on travel and entertainment kind of things we used to do a lot,” said John.

“We also stopped eating out so much. We just really scaled back on the everyday comforts,” said Christine. “We easily saved a couple hundred dollars a week from not eating out, not getting magazine subscriptions, not shopping as much.”

“Easily,” John agreed. “And we’ve been able to pay down some debt and put some money back in the bank which is a good thing.”

During their pandemic frugality the O’Rourkes said they actually rediscovered simple pleasures.
“It forced us to slow down a lot and we’ve had a lot more time just doing simple things and just hanging with the neighbors,” said John. “We can social distance with our neighbors and still talk and we don’t feel as isolated that way.”

Sometimes under the night sky the couple enjoys what they call free entertainment with their neighbors. “One thing we’ve done is watch the International Space Station. John has an app on his phone and he can tell us what times it’s coming over. So we have all the neighbors over and we’re looking up at the sky while hanging out.”

“It’s kind of nerdy but it’s fun,” laughed John. “We’re learning to make the best of the new normal.”

“Say January first we wake up and everything is back to normal, we’ll probably still continue with some of the things we’re doing now,” said Christine. “It’s a nice slower pace and we’re actually enjoying it.”

“Sometimes you feel bad for thinking, hey I’m kind of enjoying parts of this when you realize there are some people out there really hurting,” said John. “So we don’t want to make light of everything but there is good there if you look for it.”

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