FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- We’re learning more about the bicyclist who was killed by a hit and run driver Halloween night. Friends and family said they are devastated by the loss of 24-year-old Nick Mruk. His life tragically came to an end when he was hit by a vehicle as he rode along the 13000 block of Hand Road.

Friends said Mruk was an easy-going, charismatic person, who loves to make people laugh. They said he enjoyed spending time with those closest to him. In fact, Saturday Nick Mruk was making plans for Halloween. He texted Blake Colbourne – a friend since middle school.

“He wanted to come hang out with me, but I wasn’t at the house,” said Colbourne. “So he said, ‘shoot, maybe another time.'”

Colbourne never thought Halloween would be the last night they’d have the chance spend time together. It is a conversation that haunts him.

“I mean hindsight I wish I would have taken the time to hang out with him one more time,” he said.

Colbourne didn’t know where Mruk was traveling to that night, but said he lived near the 13000 block of Hand Road. According to his high school friend, Megan Garvison, riding a bike wasn’t something he did often.

“Every once in a while he would go on a bike ride if his car wasn’t working or something,” she said.

Authorities said someone hit him and then drove off just before 8 p.m. Monday. A little bit later, witnesses said a second vehicle stopped, picked up the bicycle, then left.

“It just really made me sad to think about that somebody would leave him there and drive past and even steal his bike,” said Garvison. “It’s horrible. It’s sad to think about him laying there like that.”

A description of the first vehicle was not provided. Police released no other information. Now all friends and family can do is hope the person responsible admits to what happened.

“God bless your soul,” said Colbourne. “I hope you get on the right track. I hope you value life than you clearly do, I hope god steers you in the right direction.”

If you know anything about the hit and run or theft of the bike, you’re asked to call the Allen County Sheriff’s Department at (260) 449-3000.