COLDWATER, Mich. (WANE) A Fremont firefighter reportedly came across tacks and a nail inside candy that his children had gathered trick-or-treating Halloween evening in southern Michigan.

The Fremont Police Department on Tuesday shared images of the compromised candies, two with tacks tucked inside and another impaled by a nail, on its Facebook page. The post’s caption said a Fremont firefighter had taken his children trick-or-treating in Coldwater, Michigan, just north of Fremont. When they got back home, the tacks and nail were found in the chocolates.

The Coldwater Police Department is investigating the incident, the post said. Fremont police had received no reports of candy being tampered with. The department said it shared the post and images to spread the word in the event there are more cases that may not have been reported yet.

The post encourages parents to “check and double check” their children’s candy.