FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) —  Friday morning GFL will officially start its first route as the city’s trash collector replacing Red River.

Piles of trash sit on the side of the road in Fort Wayne near the intersection of Illinois Road and Getz Road and residents like Jennifer Morgan say they are fed up with paying for a service they aren’t satisfied with in the city.

“Disgusting. I mean they’re just not a good business,” Morgan said.

Linda Cook agrees because she is sick of waiting for her trash to be picked up.

“I think they are a poor excuse for a trash pick up because they’re are days, weeks that go by that they don’t even pick our trash up,” Cook said.

Cook says in the past years she has had to take it into her own hands to get her trash picked up.

“We have to call the 311 to get them to come by and get them to come by and get them to pick it up,” Cook said.

Morgan and Cook are both on the route for GFL’s first official day as Fort Wayne’s trash hauler and they’re hopeful that will also be the start of better service… putting the Red River woes in the past.

“It is so ridiculous the way people, they put their trash out there. Look at the neighbor’s house over there. They got one, two three, four. Two of them recycle and in ways that’s a health hazard,” Cook said.

“I feel like you know if we have to pay for our trash to be picked up than our trash should be picked up,” Morgan said.