LAKE MARY, Fla. (WANE) — A Fort Wayne native couple is preparing for their first experience of a hurricane.

Nicole Norton and her husband moved to Lake Mary in March of last year, which is right outside of Orlando.

Norton said it started raining Tuesday night and the winds have picked up since.

The area where the couple lives might not be hit as hard as the coast, but hurricanes can be unpredictable.

She said they don’t anticipate damage to their home, but they do have one worry.

“I think the biggest concern for us right now is power outages so as the wind starts to get stronger and the storm gets closer there. They’re saying there’s probably going to be some widespread power outages so that’s been the one thing that’s been worrying us a little bit,” Norton said.

Norton said they have stocked up on food and coolers in anticipation of the worst in their areas.