FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – They went into the semi trailer to get high.

The two men squeezed into the warming compartment at the back of the trailer, and one of them pulled out a spoon. That’s when the other man became scared – for some unclear reason – and pulled out a knife.

When Fort Wayne Police arrived, they found both men in that same compartment – one of them covered in blood and dead; the other alive.

An Allen Superior Court judge sentenced the man who lived, 31-year-old Arthur Reeves, to 50 years in prison Wednesday.

Reeves previously pleaded guilty but mentally ill to a count of murder in the killing of 38-year-old Randolph D. Brazile, who was found dead in the 1000 block of Wells Street in January 2021.

Police were called to the trailer by Reeves himself, who later told detectives he thought he was trapped inside the warming compartment and could not escape, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

He admitted in court documents that he turned away from Randolph to conceal his actions, pulled out a knife and then began stabbing him.

“I went for his leg,” Reeves told detectives in court documents.

He then went on to say he stabbed Brazile in the ribs, cheek, arm and backside, according to court documents. In all, he may have stabbed Brazile five or six times, court documents. Reeves said he called police because he panicked that he could not get out of the compartment and that it had been locked from the inside.

Responding officers, though, said they opened it easily upon arrival.

While his competency was a part of court proceedings for the past year, Reeves eventually accepted a plea deal from Allen County Prosecutors last month. Judge David Zent accepted the plea and gave Reeves 487 days credit for time served, according to court records.