FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The families of two victims killed in a triple homicide addressed the media Tuesday night in a press conference at the United Education Foundation Islamic Center.

The press conference comes six days after the bodies of  17-year-old Muhannad Tairab, 23-year-old Mohamedtaha Omar and 20-year-old Adam Mekki were found in a home on Lewis Street.

“They all had one thing in common; pursuit of a better life and peace,” Abdelaziz Hassab, who spoke for the families of Tairab and Omar, said.

Hassab spoke about the journey all three men made to the United States from Sudan, escaping violence and genocide.

“Mr. Mohamed Omar and Mr. Muhannad Tairab escaped genocide in Darfur, while Mr. Adam Kuku (Mekki) fled the ethnic cleansing in Nuba Mountains only to have their lives ended tragically in the hands of a senseless killer,” Hassab said.

Hassab also spoke about how police are handling the case. He thanked the police department for their prompt response to the 911 call the night of the slayings and the police department’s cooperation with the families.

“The families are satisfied with the open channels of communication and are content with the progress to the point,” Hassab said.

Hassab also hit on the fact that the words “hate crime” have been used by some to describe the homicides. Police have maintained from the beginning that it is not and the family agrees.

“We have no reason to believe, at this point, that this is a religiously or politically motivated crime,” Hassab said.

In the end the family had a call to action for the community – stop the senseless violence.

“This crime is a city issue that we, as members of the Fort Wayne community, feel the need to address and tackle to stop the senseless killings of young beautiful souls,” Hassab said.

The families also asked for privacy and that community pray not only for them but for police as they work to find the person or person responsible for the deaths of Tairab, Omar and Mekki.