INDIANA — Every Thursday the Drought Monitor is updated and this week our drought conditions are gone! After a wet February and several rounds of rain to start the month of March, Indiana is officially drought-free!

Currently, 100% of the state is drought-free! 0% is currently under abnormally dry conditions with 0% under moderate drought conditions!

What does this mean? Each category means there will likely be different impacts from different factors around the state. “Abnormally dry” usually means the grass will turn brown, gardens will need to be watered more frequently, and crops are stressed. Once we hit the “Moderate” drought stage, there are more noticeable changes. Crops become more stressed, your lawn needs to be watered more often, and water levels begin to decrease.

The higher up the scale the drought goes, the more severe the impacts will be to crops, your lawn, and water levels. As we continue to climb the scale on the drought monitor, more dangerous conditions also begin to set up, causing concern for fire.

Looking ahead to next week

Over the next 6-10 days, there is a near-normal chance for precipitation, according to the Climate Prediction Center. Stay tuned.