BOSTON — A new poll from Emerson College has given some insight into what Indiana voters are thinking related to the U.S. Senate race next year.

A plurality of voters, around 39%, are currently undecided in a hypothetical 2024 U.S. Senate race to replace Republican U.S. Senator Mike Braun who is not seeking reelection, according to a news release from Emerson College. According to previous reports, Braun announced in December 2022 that he would be running for Indiana governor, opening up a U.S. Senator spot in the state.

In the poll, Emerson College provided Indiana residents who took the poll a hypothetical Republican candidate and a hypothetical Democratic candidate, even though multiple candidates on each side have announced their intentions to run.

The release said that Republican U.S. Representative Jim Banks, District 3, received 31% of support from Indiana voters, while Democrat Valerie McCray, a clinical psychologist, received 22% of support. Eight percent of residents said they would vote for someone else.

“It appears both potential nominees have strong support within their own parties: McCray holds the support of 62% of Democrats, and Banks holds the support of 58% of Republicans,” Spencer Kimball, the executive director of Emerson College Polling, said in the release. “A 58% majority of independents are undecided in the hypothetical 2024 Senate race, and for those who made up their mind, they are split with 16% in support of McCray and 15% in support of Banks.”

The poll also asked Indiana voters other questions surrounding the federal political situation. Officials said that around 24% of Indiana residents approve of President Joe Biden’s performance, while 61% of voters disapprove. In a 2024 hypothetical election between Biden and former President Donald Trump, Trump leads Biden 48% to 29%, with 16% supporting someone else and 8% undecided.

“Trump leads Biden among all age groups, except the 18-24 year old vote, who break for Biden over Trump 41% to 29%,” Kimball said in the release. “Trump voters appear to be more locked in on their candidate than Biden supporters in Indiana. A majority of Trump supporters, 57%, say there is nothing the former president can do or say in the next several months that would change their vote, compared to 40% of Biden supporters who say the same about Biden.”

For the state’s political situation, the poll reported that 37% of Indiana residents approve of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s job performance, while 25% of residents disapprove.

According to the Indiana Election Division, Jan. 10, 2024, is the first day candidates are officially able to declare their candidacy for a major political party primary election. On Feb. 6, 2024, it is the deadline for a major political party candidate for the U.S. Senate to file a petition of nomination with a county voter registration office for verification of petition signatures. On Feb. 9, 2024, it is the deadline for a major party candidate for U.S. Senate to file a declaration of candidacy and petitions for placement on the primary election ballot.