Easy DIY Halloween costumes

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Boo! Blonde mommy with two little dressed sister and brother creepy costumes eyewear and head wear scaring each other in decorated nice loft light room indoors at home near the windows

Looking for a cheap and easy DIY costume? Find out how to make these Halloween costumes using items you have around the house.

1. Morph into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by spray painting a roasting pan green and placing around your back.

2. Cut up a black umbrella to create bat wings.

3. Create Minion glasses using canning jar rings. Top off the ensemble with some old overalls from your local thrift store.

4. If you have a green sweatshirt with a hood and some green pants, glue white straws on for a simple cactus costume.

5. Become Rosie the Riveter by tying a button-up shirt and adding a bandana to your updo.

6. Wear a bath robe and carry around stuffed animals for a crazy cat lady look.

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